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Viking Ship

Image by  Lothar Dieterich  from  Pixabay Viking Ship The Viking were expert navigators who dominated the maritime routes and riv...
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Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy Venice, Italy The unique city of Venice is built on a group of islands crossed by canals on an extensive lagoon in the ...
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Korean Turtle Ship

Image by  didqud91  from  Pixabay   Korean Turtle Ship I n the late sixteenth century the Japanese attempted to conquer the Korean ...
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Image by  Roman Grac  from  Pixabay   Submarine Submarines, which were developed in the 19th century and first used successfully ...
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The Hoplites Hoplites The hoplites were warriors from Classical Greece, the soldiers who made up the typical formation of heavy infantry...
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Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece Athens, Greece Located in the Greek region of Attica, Athens has a rich and ancient heritage, testament to its perio...
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Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey An imperial capital for more than 15 centuries and situated between two continents, Istanbul combin...
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The Templars

 The Templars The Templars In just two centuries, following its appearance after the First Crusade in 1119 until its disappearance in 13...
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Medieval Knights

Medieval Knights Medieval Knights In Europe in the Middle Ages, kings were dependent on the small armies of feudal lords to protect ...
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Samurai Samurai The samurai emerged around the tenth century in the court of kyoto. this caste of professional warriors gaind prominence ...
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Viking Warriors

Viking Warriors Viking Warriors At the end of the eighth century, on board ships in the shape of dragons, the Vikings emerged fro...
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Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada Toronto is the biggest city and the economic and financial hub of the Canada and it  is the capital o...
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