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Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem, Israel The sacred city of the three great monotheistic religions encompasses a large number of place...
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The Legionaries The Legionaries The legionaries were Roman citizens, usually volunteers, who joined the army around the age of twen...
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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm has been the capital of Sweden since the beginning of the 15th century, and, from ...
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Egyptian Soldiers

Egyptian Soldiers Egyptian Soldiers For centuries, Egypt's geography acted as a natural form of defense. The Egyptian soldiers ...
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World War 2 Tanks

Photo by  Stephanie LeBlanc  on  Unsplash World War 2 Tanks From their introduction in 1916, WW2 tanks were considered by advocat...
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World War 1 Tanks

Photo by  Serg Alexa  from  FreeImages World War 1 Tanks The tank was one of the most important technological innovations to emer...
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Zulu Warriors

Zulu Warriors Zulu Warriors Around 1878, the British Empire rapidly expanded into Africa, subjugating the peoples that it came up...
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