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Dodekalitten, Lolland
Dodekalitten, Lolland

Lolland Island, Denmark

Known as Denmark’s ‘South Seas Island’, Lolland is 1,243 sq km, the third largest island in the Danish archipelago. It has an irregular coastline indented by fjords and a picturesque rural landscape rich in cultural monuments. Winding country roads lead through the finest farmland in Denmark, passing small villages and a glorious beechwoods, manor houses and medieval churches to a coast of white sandy beaches. At the heart of the island is the Maribo Lakes bird sanctuary — one of the most important nature reserves in Denmark, where sea eagles breed.

This is an island for sports and nature lovers. As well as golf courses and riding schools, there are miles of lanes for cycling and superb swimming, fishing and boating facilities. The Navskov Fjord in the east of the island, covering more than 50 sq km and dotted with islets, is a favourite yachting area, while the best bathing beaches are to be found along the south coast — long stretches of clean white sand with a shingle sealine and safe shallow water.

The largest town on the island is the east coast port of Navskov at the head of the fjord. It still exudes a charming 16th century ambience with narrow cobble-stoned lanes leading down to the harbour, an old apothecary shop in the market square, half-timbered houses and the Gothic Church of St Nikolai. There are several other atmospheric old market and port towns such as Maribo, Bandholm and Rodby. There is an extraordinarily beautiful, strange late-surmmer light in Lolland which has always attracted artists to the island. It is celebrated in an annual autumn cultural event — ‘Lys over Lolland’ — well worth an out of season visit.