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Beijing, China

Beijing, China

The historic centre of Beijing grew around Tiananmen Square, the heart of the Chinese capital, and the Forbidden City.

Beijing is the historic and current capital of china, serving as such during both the Imperial and Republic periods, although it lost the privilege to Nanjing on a number of occasions.

The Forbidden City

Built between 1406 and 1420 at the orders of the Yongle Emperor, the third emperor of the Ming dynasty, the Forbidden City was the imperial Chinese palace for 500 years. Today, it is visited for its uniqueness and the museum that houses objects and works of art from the entire period.

Tiananmen Square

Surrounded by buildings from the Communist era, this square is considered the heart of Beijing.

Great Hall of the People

Built in 1959, it was one of the Ten Great Constructions built to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Currently home to the state legislature, the hall is used for ceremonies held by the Communist Party.

Central Business District

The business hub located in the Chaoyang district, to the east of the city, is home to many foreign companies and embassies. 

Summer Palace

Located in a spacious park 12 km from the center of Beijing, this palatial complex built in 1750 was named as a World Heritage site in 1998.

Beijing Opera

The most famous of the 300 different varieties of Chinese opera.