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Moscow Russia, travel Russia,  russia travel guide
Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Red Square and the Kremlin, the main points of reference in Moscow, are located in the historic center, which sprung up on the shores of the Moskva River.

The vast city of Moscow, the largest metropolitan area in Europe, is divided into concentric circles defined by wide circular avenues. At the heart of these major sections are Red Square, the Kremlin and one of the curves that the Moskva River cuts out as part of its route through the city.

Capital of the Russian Federation

capital of the Russian Empire until 1712, when Peter the Great moved the capital to St Petersburg. It was restored as the capital later in 1922.

Russian State Historical Museum

Built in neo Russian style between 1875 and 1881, this red brick building separates Red Square from Manege Square. The State Historical Museum's collection covers works of art and objects produced in Russia dating from prehistoric times to the present.

Red Square

In addition to the Kremlin, St Basil's Cathedral, the Russian State Historical Museum and the GUM department store, the square is home to the tombs of stalin and Yuri Gagarin, amongst others.

Main Kremlin buildings

The Kremlin is an enormous fortified area of medieval origin located between Red Square and the Moskva River. Four palaces and four cathedrals dating back to different periods are housed inside its walls.

Birthplace of millionaires

Having surpassed none other than New York, Moscow is now the city with the highest ratio of millionaires worldwide.