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sark channel island
Sark (Image by falco from Pixabay)


Sark is the smallest of the four main Channel Islands. It lies in the English Channel, about 128 km from England and about 32 km from the coast of Normandy. It is as well that it is small, as there are no cars on the island, and transport other than on foot consists of horse drawn carriages, tractors and bicycles.

Sark's history is long, and complex. Until the mid 16th century it was a place of pirates, frequently invaded by the French. In 1563, Helier de Carteret, the Seigneur of St Ouen in Jersey, received a charter from Elizabeth I to settle on Sark. Many of the island's laws date back to this period, and the feudal head of Sark is still known as the Seigneur.