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Auckland, New Zealand
 Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

The natural port of Waitemata determined the location of Auckland, whose city center developed during the second half of the 19th century.

Located near the end of north island, Auckland is New Zealand's most populous city and its main economic center.

The original city center in the 19th century, is today its economic heart. The center of Auckland runs along the docks of the main port, connecting it with the Pacific Ocean.

War Memorial 

Specialized in the history of New Zealand, including its natural and military history, the Auckland War Memorial Museum displays one of the country's most important collections, and also stands as one of the city's iconic buildings, and one of the most important neo-Classical buildings of the Southern Hemisphere. It was inaugurated in 1929 and completely restored starting in 1990.

Auckland Town Hall

The city's old Town Hall maintains some functions in local administration, in combination with its use as a concert hall. Inaugurated in 1911, the Town Hall was built in an Edwardian and neo Renaissance style. It houses an organ built in the same period, which is considered the country's most important musical instrument.