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Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has been the capital of Sweden since the beginning of the 15th century, and, from the Middle Ages, has housed the sites which most represent the Scandinavian kingdom. Also Stockholm is the largest city in the country, as well as being the center of Sweden's most extensive and inhabited metropolitan area. 

The municipality of Stockholm covers 14 inhabited islands, linked by 57 bridges which allows the city to be traversed entirely on foot, crossing over the canals that connect the Baltic Sea to the east, with the salty waters of Lake Malar to the west. The metropolitan area, which is much more extensive, occupies up to 24,000 islands of different sizes, although only 150 are inhabited.

The Royal Palace

This is one of the largest royal residences in the world and was built in the middle of the 18th century on the site where the Jarl Birger built the fort which gave rise to the city.


This museum contains about 150 buildings from different parts of Sweden, and displays Swedish life in the 19th century when it experienced a period of transformation from a rural agrarian to an industrial society.

The Swedish Parliament

The Riksdag or Parliament has its roots in the 15th century and is located on the small island of Helgeandsholmen, situated between, Stadsholmen and the district of Norrmalm.