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Medieval Knights
Medieval Knights

Medieval Knights:

In Europe in the Middle Ages, kings were dependent on the small armies of feudal lords to protect their power. As part of those armies, the knights, elite horseback warriors, were particularly noteworthy and their prestige quickly grew. The majority were young men from the nobility, who served their lords in the pursuit of glory, honor, titles, land, and money. The Crusades gave them a new motivation and religion, while the Hundred Years' War saw the end of their dominance. 

The armor and methods of combat of medieval knights did not evolve significantly through the entire medieval period. Their equipment was fundamentally made up their horse, armor, helmet, shield, spear, and sword. Their typical strategy of combat was to charge. Feudal armies comprised three sections-vanguard, center, and rear guard which launched chargers sequentially, in waves. Knights lunged with their spear and, if it broke, used their sword or mace.