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Viking Warriors
Viking Warriors

Viking Warriors

At the end of the eighth century, on board ships in the shape of dragons, the Vikings emerged from the frozen seas of the North to strike terror in Europe. They were explorers, traders, and settlers who reached locations as far away as Scandinavia and Russia, the Middle East, and America. They were ferocious, astute, and ruthless warriors who overlooked nothing in their pillaging. because of this, they were considered devils and from this idea arose the myth that their helmets had horns.

The Vikings did not have a professional army; they were farmers, traders, carpenters, blacksmiths, and so on, who took up arms in combat when the occasion demanded it. They familiarized themselves with the use of weapons from adolescence, by hunting, fighting, and playing sport. Many of the main weapons used were derived from their working tools such as the hatchet and the hammer. However, they had tremendous discipline and great courage, based on the belief that Paradise (Valhalla) was waiting for those who fell in combat.

The Vikings only created armies of several thousand men when they fought each other. During the looting raids their numbers did not exceed a hundred. The Viking warrior's forte was in individual combat, where he could take advantage of his physical strength, and his skill in handling weapons.

First Documented RAID

On June 8, 793, the Vikings landed on the coast close to Lindisfarne Monastery, on an island off the northern coast of England. They ransacked it and put the monks to the sword. It was the first Viking raid ever recorded in history and a demonstration of the effectiveness of their lightning -quick surprise attacks. 


They used it to knock down their enemies and then stab them -a simple design with a double -edged blade.


Made of wood and riveted. In the center, it had a metal protector covering the handle, and was decorated with a family rune.


Contrary to legend, they did not have horns. They were made of iron and were conical.


Was their favorite weapon. They used one or both hands to wield it.

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