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Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the biggest city and the economic and financial hub of the Canada and it is the capital of the province of Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe, the arc which forms the banks of Lake Ontario. 

In 1793, the settlement of York, chosen for its easily dependable position, was founded on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. On 6 March 1834 York was incorporated into the city of Toronto, which at this point had grown into a military fort and harbor on the lake reaching a population of 9,000 inhabitants, not including the African-American people who were held as slaves.

The high living standards and the low crime rate are two of the factors which have made Toronto one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Almost half of its residents were born outside of Canada.

Toronto is also the headquarters of the first Canadian stock exchange, the second in North America after New York, and has, since the 1970s, displaced French speaking Montreal as the largest economic and financial center of the country thanks to, among other things, a vigorous automobile industry, the discovery in Ontario of raw material deposits and the opening in 1959 of the San Lorenzo Canal, which enabled merchant ships to sail from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic.

Nathan Phillips Square

This Square, dominated by the old town hall known as Old City Hall, was built between 1889 and 1899. In 1965 the square was remodeled to house the new town hall - Toronto City Hall - culminating in two skyscrapers in the shape of a pair of parenthes.

Union Station

The largest railway and metro station in Toronto was created by Canadians Ross and MacDonald Beaux - Arts style. It was built between 1914 and 1920 and is 230 m long. 

CN Tower

Opened in 1976, his telecommunication tower boasts spectacular observation platforms, restored areas and attractions which draw two million visitors each year.

Rogers Center

With a capacity for 50,000 spectators, this stadium hosts numerous sporting events, concerts and conventions. It was built in 1989, originally called SKYDome, and it was the first building in the world to have a retractable roof.

Eaton Center

It is the main shopping center of Toronto with more than 230 shops, restaurants and services. In fact it is one of the places most visited by tourists.